Welcome to OperatingSessions.com!

OperatingSessions.com is a new free service that is purpose-built to help support model railroaders hosting operating sessions. These sessions can be individual sessions on a single layout, or you can set up multi-day events with dozens of sessions. Operating on model railroads is one of the most enjoyable parts of the hobby, but there's a lot of manual effort required to schedule complex events. See how OperatingSessions.com can help you get operators signed up more efficiently for your events!


Individual operators can register for events and get notified when operating events are available. An operator's profile, once created, does not have to be re-entered for every event. Layout owners and event organizers can only see the information if the operator signs up for their event. Operators can also sign up as a group to make carpooling simpler.

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Layout Owners

Layout owners can update their layout information in the directory, adding pictures and related documents whenever they wish. They can also create an operating session that is either open to the public or only sent to an invitee list. No more keeping track of everyone's email addresses and phones... each operator can update their own profile.

Note: Club-owned layouts should register here. During the registration process, you can mark that your railroad is club-owned and fill in the address/contact information.

To get started, create your user profile and then go to the Railroad Manager to enter your layout details.


An organization can be as simple as a round-robin group in your city, a regional operating group, or a temporary group associated with a convention. You can add railroads who are participating in your organization and then set up events for those railroads as a group. Quick and easy URLs are provided to link your organization's landing page on OperatingSessions.com to your event or organization web site.

Note: Club-owned layouts are not considered organizations in the system. Organizations are groups of layouts in the terminology used here.